`` Mobile Phone Free LG TV

Mobile Phone Free LG TV

Of all the brands of television being offered free with mobile phones LG is the most prevelant. LG are positioned mid range in terms of price, but the quality of their products is usually ver good. There usually a range of LG TV's to choose from with your mobile phone, sometimes too many in fact, so, if you struggle to find the one you are looking for in the lists below try using the search feature in the sidebar. More on LG televisions here:

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LG Televisions

LG is a well known and respected manufacturer of televisions and they have a very wide range of TV’s to suit all budgets and space constraints. Over the last five years LG have become bigger players in the television market and now dominate a big share.

The two main types of televisions that LG offer are ‘plasma screen’ and ‘LCD’, these two phrases refer to the type of screen technology used by the television. This is of utmost importance when buying a television as in the television world, picture quality is everything.

Plasma Screen LG Televisions

LG’s Plasma screen TV’s come in sizes from 42 inches to 60 inches, quite a range to choose from. All of the plasma screen TV’s come with 1080p, which makes them HD ready.

LG’s masterpiece plasma screen is diagonally 60” wide and is THX certified, something which LG claims gives a ‘cinema quality experience at home’. LG Plasma screens also have an energy saving device that comes in the form of a ‘backlight’ button. If this button is pressed then the screen is switched off but the sound keeps playing which is ideal to save energy if you’re just using the TV as something to listen in the background.

Another feature that adds to the movie experience is LG’s ‘Clear Voice II’ feature. This enables the TV to adjust the sound balance during films or programmes so that all the voices can be heard clearly. This is especially useful if you have difficulty hearing voices in films due to background noise.

The LG plasma screens all have Bluetooth technology which means two things. The first is that you can view videos and pictures stored on your mobile phone, on your LG television. The second is that you can use wireless headphones when watching your TV. Any pair of Headphones that work with Bluetooth technology will work with LG plasma screens through the Bluetooth connection that they have.

The LG plasma screens also have an ‘invisible speaker’ system. The speakers are locate at the sides of the screen but behind the screen so they seem ‘invisible’. The greater surface area of the speakers increases the ‘sweet spot’ the spot where the audio sounds best. With LG plasma screens the audio is better because if the invisible speaker system.

LG LCD Televisions

LG have a wider size range of LCD televisions, ranging from 19” (with a built in DVD player) to the biggest 47” TV. All of the LG LCD televisions (apart from the 19”) have 1080p which makes them HD ready.  The USB connection port is good for connecting your mobile phone to the LG LCD television so you can view your pictures, audio and videos in film quality on the LG LCD.  

The LG LCD series is very similar to the plasma screen series apart from the obvious screen differences. Both screen types are good but the LCD generally gives a sharper picture as it gives a brighter picture.